The school is located in North East Bali in a quiet fisherman village called Tulamben.

Tulamben is a world famous location for scuba diving for its numerous dive sites, including the USAT liberty wreck, one of the only big ship wrecks accessible from shore.

Our school is very easy to find and is located on Tulamben main road and we walk to our free diving site.

Regarding free diving our bay, called the drop off, is the deepest in Indonesia. We swim to our free diving mooring buoys and we can access up to 75 meters. For deep diving we own the only free diving platform in Indonesia. With sonar, counter ballast and depth up to a 130m is approved by AIDA standards and has been the location of multiple free diving competitions and World Record attempts.

Clear waters, marine life under the peaceful watch of Mount Agung, we have one of the most impressive views of the Volcano.

The USAT Liberty Wreck

After finishing all our courses, we walk to the wreck for our fun diving.

Located just 30 meters from the beach, the wreck measures an impressive 120m on a steeply sloping sandy bottom, with its top just 3 meters below the water surface. Sunk by torpedoes on January 11, 1942, the USAT Liberty was carrying rubber and railroad parts for war service across the Lombok Strait. The damage was critical, but 2 destroyers hitched her up and tried to tow her to the port at Singaraja.

It was taking too much water, so the crew decided to run her up on the beach at Tulamben. The volcanic explosion of Gunung Agung in 1963 rolled her off the beach to the present location, breaking her in pieces along the way. Now, completely covered with corals and home to hundreds of species of fish, the wreck is submerged to a maximum depth of 29 meters.

Considered one of the best beach entry dive sites in Bali, the wreck of the USAT Liberty is great for starters and seasoned free divers with an average visibility of 15 to 20 meters and water temperatures around 28 to 29 degrees Celsius. Its multiple swim throughs make it one of the most fun discoveries when fun free diving.

Join this diving adventure for a fantastic day in a unique area and get up close to the magnificent marine life along the way!

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