Founded by Elianne Dipp and Julia Mouce, Apnea Bali is a solid team of friendly and experience Instructors:

- Julia Mouce


Molchanovs board member, IT trainer Molchanovs, AIDA, APNEA TOTAL and PADI

It’s not only her years of experience in freediving, setting up successful schools in Asia or her accomplishments as a coach, instructor trainer or athlete that make Julia a well-known name in our freediving community.

- Eli Dipp


Master Instructor Apnea Total, AIDA, PADI, Wave 3 Molchanovs Instructor

Eli is a passionate free diving coach and underwater photographer who believes that free diving is the most natural way to enjoy the underwater world and is an activity that absolutely everyone can enjoy, regardless the level.

- Emma Li

freediving instructor trainer

- Valentina Ramirez

freediving instructor & IT trainer

- Jalil

freediving instructor

- Barra

freediving instructor

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