This 3 day advanced course explains details of the physiology and techniques behind deep freediving. The aim of the course is to become and independent free diver, learn deep equalization techniques and become a reliable safety/buddy to be able to train without the presence of an instructor assessing the risks and benefits of different training strategies.

  • 2 theory sessions
  • 4 open water sessions
  • Pool session
  • Fun dive at the liberty wreck

  • Mammalian diving reflex
  • Static breath-hold
  • Deep equalization
  • Dry training techniques
  • Exhale diving
  • Deep diving
  • Free fall
  • Visualization

Wave 2 requirements

  • 2min 30 sec STA
  • 50m DYN
  • 35m DNF
  • 24 CWT/FIM
  • 15m rescue
  • 15m CNF

AIDA 3 requirements

  • 2:45 STA
  • 55M DYN
  • 24M CWT
  • 15M RESCUE
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