This 6 days course is for those who have discovered that freediving is their passion and they are willing to take their skills to a semi-professional level. The main focus is to learn how to master your equalization below your residual volume, fine-tune your awareness of any potential danger and advance your mental and stretching technique.

  • 3 theory sessions
  • 2 pool session
  • 5 open water sessions
  • Includes full equipment and certification

  • Mouthfill technique
  • Stretching
  • FRC diving
  • DCI
  • Packing and reverse packing
  • Risk management

Wave 3 requirements

  • 3:30 STATIC
  • 75M DYNB
  • 50M DNF
  • 34M FIM & CWT
  • 25M CNF
  • 20M RESCUE

AIDA 4 requirements

  • 3:30 STATIC
  • 70M DYNB
  • 32M CWT
  • 20M RESCUE
* In order to get the certification you must complete the EFR/CPR course (not included).
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