This is an intense course which improves your freediving skills. Aims of the course include deeper dives to depths between 30-40 meters, exhale (FRC) dives and a Static Apnea workshop with guaranteed 3-minute breath-holds.

The Advance course lasts 3 days and includes two theory sessions, advanced stretching, a swimming-pool session, 2 open water sessions and a fun dive at the USAT Liberty Wreck.

  • Mammalian diving reflex
  • Static breath-hold
  • Deep equalization
  • Dry training techniques
  • Exhale diving
  • Deep diving
  • Free fall
  • Visualization

The combination of new techniques throw water practice and a better understanding of the physiology of the body result on outstanding performances. Students often finish the static and deep sessions very surprised with their time and depth achievement. We also put special attention on safety procedures, because freediving can be dangerous if it is not practised properly.

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