The specialist deep diver.

  • Water experience 50%
  • Theory 10%
  • Depth 40%


This program will show you that your limits are further than you expected. With the internship-like structure, the Master is designed to maximize your performance. It will give you freediving experience in the major disciplines of Constant Weight, Free Immersion, Unassisted and Static.

Learn more advanced equalization techniques (mouth-fill) and perfect all your skills to become an independent and safe deep freediver.

This 4 to 5 weeks program is tailor made to your needs. We treat every Master individually designing personal training schedules. You will learn how to train yourself and prepare for competing.

It is also a first step to a professional career,  since all Masters assist instructors during courses.
Get confident by training everyday supervised by the most experienced coaches in Bali.

The Master program includes 5 weeks of training (24 coaching sessions), diving on the deepest platform in south-east Asia, personal training routines, physical preparation in the water and advanced stretching.

Price: 900 USD