You put me in a dark closed room, I scream to death. Some days going down the line was like being in a dark closed room.

With a lot of patience, Lukas and Julia taught me how to tame that fear. Not only they know exactly what they are talking about, but they are also able to connect to you and adapt in order to help you find your way into the blue.

Today is a big day for me. I went down to the end of the line, stepped on the bottom and found it nice down there, very nice :). And I came up. Tears of relief running down my face…

Today I was reborn. In a beautiful way.

Today was the first day of the rest of my life.

Pelin, Switzerland.

Julia and Lukas create a wonderful group spirit among their students and we all had a fantastic time in and outside the water. I’m hooked now and can’t wait to go back; while there are other schools around I’m intend on returning to Apnea Bali and their instructors only- and that sooner rather than later. I’d certainly recommend them without hesitation.

Katrin, Germany

The objective of Apnea Bali is not about pushing you, but to make you believe in your capabilities and give you a rewarding feeling of happiness and excitement coming back up from your dive. You will also meet other free divers that can’t stop coming back for more. They have not only created a great school, but also a platform for people from all over the world to get together and enjoy an amazing time in Amed. Very fortunate to have found them and can’t recommend them enough.

Stella, Malaysia

This was my first experience in freediving, but as a scuba instructor I have some knowledge of diving. I believe that Julia and Lukas is an excellent combination to get you beyond your limits. Lukas represents the cool headed scientist while Julia the heart and and fun, just what you need to progress really fast…

Endre, Hungary

At Apnea Bali, I know you will find people with A LOT of experience combined with A LOT of fun and laugh guarantee (oh yeah)! If you wish to discover freediving in a very relax and safe atmosphere, you are at the right place.

Marc, Canada

i came, i did, and i enjoyed that much! thanks to lukas, julia, and other friends while i was in amed. and sure, i will come back to have such a wonderful experience… again

Harry, Indonesia

I have done all my courses with these guys up to Instructor level. They are simply the best you could ask for. Amazing instructors, really knowledgeable, patient, knowing when to push you and when to let you rest. Very experienced, having certified hundreds of students over the years, and worked with some of the world’s best freedivers. This means they can deal with any situation in the water and can adapt their teaching to every different student.

If you are looking to teach freediving, I honestly think these guys will make you into the best instructor you can be. You will learn how to organise your courses and why, how to give confidence to your students, and how to react to every possible situation in the water. The Apnea Total philosophy is to keep your students safe and give them the best freediving experience possible: we follow every single student all the way down on every single dive! And this makes you not only a better instructor but also a better freediver in the process, by building stamina and confidence.

Apnea Bali changed my life and this is not just a “bumper-sticker” stereotype statement – it’s a fact.

Lily, France

Julia’s amazing patience and encouragement have helped me so much in learning and playing thru freediving. She’s made me confident and understood when I should push myself to the edge, when to listen to my body when it says something to me, and most of all: “not against the water, but blend with it”.

Novieta, Indonesia

I have taken apnea total free diving course and managed to be an advanced free diver under the good training of Julia and Lukas. They are professional and experienced, and also kind and passionate. I really enjoy the one week time with them jumping into the deep blue of Bali sea and getting rid of the annoyance in office.

Shi Bing Feng, China

Just completed the three-day stage 2 course. I had to go back after having such an awesome time earlier in the year. I had a different instructor this time who was equally excellent. Learnt at the right pace for me and achieved some awesome results. Whilst it was a three day course the contact time was generally less than 4hrs each day (this was enough excitement for the body) so still had plenty of time to relax and enjoy the area. I comfortably achieved 20m depths in the Stage 1 course and was thrilled to reach 35m at Stage 2. I also managed a 5:05 static breath hold. It was reassuring the real focus of the course was the safe application of proper techniques NOT trying to achieve big numbers. Amazing experience all round.

Mark, New Zealand

I love to always come back and train with Apnea Bali. They are simply the best! They know when to push me and inspire me to always become a better me, not only as freediver but also as a person. The best place to train that makes me feel welcomed as a family. A place where you can find yourself, relax, enjoy, dive, laugh and share. Highly recommended and guarantee that you will always want to come back again and again. I can never get enough of them!

Nora, Indonesia

The theory classes and the water activities were all very exciting. Julia our instructor would address any problems we had to ensure we are and will be as comfortable in the water pre and post and during any dive as possible. Any problems would be corrected and met with ways we could improve. The dive site was awesome, really deep right from the shore and the wreck dives were great. Will definitely be back there again. Highly recommend it to someone who wants to get some good diving in, with great teachers at a great dive site.

Sidnei, Australia

Apnea Bali was an amazing discovery for me that changed my life. I found with Julia and Lukas in exceptional qualities: high proffesionalism level with instructors without Manichaeism associated with kindness and an extraordinary listening. I rarely observed as high performance and adapted to the person who helped me achieve performance that I did not think I could do. I can only warmly recommend this dive school.

Jean-Marie, Switzerland.